SX Filters: For Organic-Free and Filtered Electrolyte

Increase your copper solvent extraction efficiency while lowering cost.

Consider SpinTek!

filtration for the mining industry The SpinTek SX filters are specifically designed to provide excellent organic removal and filtered electrolyte for the solvent extraction market. The filters are ruggedly designed and built to operate in the difficult environments of solvent extraction plants.

The SpinTek SX filters are free standing, self-contained units available in a variety of standard sizes with individual unit flow rates of up to 660 gpm (150 m3/hr). Multiple units can provide for much higher flow rates. All vessels, media, piping, instruments and controls are provided for a completely automatic and operational filtration system.

Media Filtration

The SX filters provide for excellent removal of organic and suspended solids from the electrolyte system. The SX filters use two separate layers of media for coalescing and for filtration. The upper media layer provides for organic removal down to 2 ppm while the second media layer provides electrolyte filtration down to 10 microns.
Vessel Internals Diagram

Standard Features

  • Fine electrolyte filtration down to 10 microns
  • Organic removal down to 2 ppm
  • Single unit flow rates up to 660 gpm (150 m3/hr)
  • Automatic operation
  • Stainless steel ASME code pressure vessels
  • HDPE
  • Full instrumentation
  • Custom modifications available


CoMatrix™ Tower:
Excellent Organic Recovery, Plus 5X Flow Rate of Standard SX Filters

The SpinTek CoMatrix™ system is specifically designed to provide excellent organic recovery and electrolyte filtering for the solvent extraction(SX) market. The system is designed to operate at five times the flow rate of traditional SX filters.

This filtration system translates to a 65% cost reduction and reduced backwash volumes of 70%


CoMatrix Tower Internals

round matrix plates

Media and Matrix Plates


The matrix plates are fabricated of PVC and perform excellent coalescing and recovery of the organic.

The CoMatrix™ uses two separate layers of media for final organic coalescing and filtration down to 10 microns. The layers consist of both granite and anthracite media with a specially designed packing system for greater flow through the large filters.

Standard Features

Read the most recent paper about CoMatrix and HydroMetallurgy published and present at HydroCopper 2005 (in Spanish)


Matrix™ Tower

For 75% Organic Recovery from Aqueous

Matrix Tower
Matrix Tower for Removal
of Organic from Aqueous

Standard Features

  • Easily recovered organic
  • No air introduction
  • Reliable performance
  • Hydrophobic Matrix plates for coalescing
  • No moving parts
  • Simple, safe operation

Matrix Tower For Organic Coalescing

The SpinTek Matrix™ Tower is specifically designed to provide excellent organic recovery of up to 75% from the electrolyte or raffinate stream of solvent extraction plants without air injection. The recovery of organic improves the operating efficiency of the plant and greatly reduces the backwash frequency of the dual media filters prior to electro winning.

The Matrix Towers are free standing, self-contained filtration units available in a variety of standard sizes with individual flow rates of up to 2,000 gpm (454 m3/hr) with multiple units accommodating higher flow rates. All vessels, packing and organic sensing probes are provided for a completely automatic system.

How The Filtration System Operates

The Matrix Tower has no moving parts, unlike other filtration systems. Aqueous enters through the bottom of the Matrix Tower and flows upward through SpinTek’s hydrophobic non-clogging Matrix media packing. The Matrix media packing provides a vast surface area for the organic in the aqueous stream to coalesce or "stick" to and collect. Additional organic will "stick" to the organic already on the plates to form larger droplets that will then break free and begin to float. These large organic droplets formed in the Matrix Tower are released from the packing to flow along with the aqueous moving upward through the packing.

Once the aqueous flow passes through the media packing it takes a reverse turn and flows down through the outer shell of the Matrix Tower. The lighter coalesced organic will continue in a upwardly direction and collect in the top of the tower. Here the concentrated organic is collected and automatically discharged from the tower for reuse in the plant, completing the filtration cycle.

Stable Trouble Free Operation

The Matrix Tower works well regardless of the level of incoming organic in the aqueous stream. Other filtration systems which rely on air flotation must be constantly adjusted to maintain satisfactory removal efficiencies. Air flotation of organic also causes potential personnel and environmental hazards by gassing off diluent into the air. By contrast, the Matrix Tower is a completely sealed filtration system. This safety measure assures the prevention of hydrocarbons escaping into the atmosphere.
Model Number Service Flow Rate Pipe Size Height Width Depth
MT-900 1 m3/hr 2″ 3.0 m 0.2 m 0.2 m
MT-940 2 m3/hr 2″ 3.0 m 0.3 m 0.3 m
MT-960 5 m3/hr 2″ 3.0 m 0.5 m 0.5 m
MT-980 9 m3/hr 2″ 3.0 m 0.6 m 0.6 m
MT-990 20 m3/hr 3″ 3.0 m 0.9 m 0.9 m
MT-1000 36 m3/hr 4″ 3.0 m 1.2 m 1.2 m
MT-1010 56 m3/hr 4″ 3.4 m 1.5 m 1.5 m
MT-1020 80 m3/hr 6″ 3.4 m 1.8 m 1.8 m
MT-1030 109 m3/hr 6″ 3.7 m 2.1 m 2.1 m
MT-1040 143 m3/hr 8″ 3.7 m 2.4 m 2.4 m
MT-1050 181 m3/hr 8″ 4.0 m 2.7 m 2.7 m
MT-1060 223 m3/hr 8″ 4.0 m 3.0 m 3.0 m
MT-1070 270 m3/hr 10″ 4.3 m 3.4 m 3.4 m
MT-1080 321 m3/hr 10″ 4.3 m 3.7 m 3.7 m
MT-1090 377 m3/hr 12″ 4.3 m 4.0 m 4.0 m
MT-1100 437 m3/hr 12″ 4.6 m 4.3 m 4.3 m



Speedy™ by SpinTek

Rotating Ceramic Ultrafilter

Foul-resistant, high-shear filtration system for parts bath solutions

High Productivity

Speedy™ by SpinTek
Speedy™ by SpinTek solves filtration problems associated with high temperature, highly alkaline process streams and metal working fluids. This compact, high shear Rotating Ceramic Ultrafilter (RCU) significantly extends bath life in a typical metalworking or parts shop. Speedy features a rapidly spinning eleven-inch ceramic membrane disk to generate shear that is orders of magnitude greater than conventional UF systems. This powerful rotational shear prevents fouling and provides high, very stable system throughput. As a result, Speedy promotes longer bath life by effectively maintaining viable bath chemistries.

Low Maintenance

Rotating Ceramic Ultrafilter
SpinTek’s high-shear, Rotating Ceramic Ultrafilter is proven superior in treating highly viscous waste streams that were previously considered untreatable. Its ceramic membrane is easily removed for quick cleaning and inspection — simply remove a few bolts and sponge off the ceramic membrane disk. The result is dramatically reduced downtime and maintenance costs, savings on bath solutions, and cleaner parts. Speedy requires minimal operator assistance and the small footprint saves space in facilities where floor space is at a premium.

Key Benefits

  1. Improves performance, significantly decreases downtime, and extends bath life
  2. Quick release clamp facilitates fast, easy opening of unit for membrane cleaning and maintenance
  3. Single disk ceramic membrane withstands heat, high pH
  4. Powerful rotational shear prevents fouling and provides high, very stable system throughput
  5. Available in multiple disk configurations
  6. Virtually foul-resistant with especially oily or sludgy streams
  7. Spinning eleven-inch ceramic disk generates shear that is orders of magnitude greater than conventional UF systems
  8. Concentrates waste and process streams previously considered untreatable
  9. Costs up to 75% less than competitive ultrafiltration technologies
  10. Small footprint eliminates floor space cramping

ST-II Concept
STII Concept
Speedy’s innovative design is based on SpinTek’s patented ST-II Rotating Ceramic Ultrafilter (RCU) technology.

Highly Effective Membranes

SpinTek has spent nearly three decades in the research and development of its ceramic membranes and centrifugal systems. Formed from a fine, ceramic nanopowder, the SpinTek membranes better resist fouling from oily and sludgy materials. Combined with high shear that is orders of magnitude greater than conventional UF systems, Speedy’s ceramic membranes allow the system to process a wide variety of viscous solutions containing moderate to high solids.

Choose Your Configuration

Speedy is available in a single disk configuration that is especially well-suited for operations with parts baths of 350 gallons or less. For larger volumes, Speedy is available in multiple disk configurations. The five-disk Speedy unit can process up to 1,500 gallons per day. Speedy’s low cost combined with savings from reduced maintenance and downtime brings a quick return on investment.


Gallons Per Day - 300 per single disk (approximate)
Types of Solutions - Oily waste, aqueous cleaner, liquid/solid separation
Concentration Percentage - Up to 60%
Size - Speedy - 18″L x 12″W x 12″H
Complete System - 3.0′L x 3.5′W x 5.0′H
Weight - Base Unit 70lbs, Complete System 175lbs.
Footprint - 18″ x 18″ (Base)
3.5′ x 3.5′ (Complete System)

Configurations Available

Single Disk (RCU) 300 gal/day (approximate)
5 Disk (RCU) up to 1,500 gal/day (approximate)
10 Disk (RCU) 3,000 gal/day (approximate)
*Complete system includes a single disk unit with 11 inch membrane, process tank with integral pretreatment, transfer and circulation pump, bag filter and instrumentation and control panel.

Speedy Process and Instrumentation

Speedy Process and Instrumentation
1x1 Tracker

1x1 Tracker