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About Whittier Filtration

Whittier Filtration's broad lines of filtration treatment systems are used for the removal of solid matter and impurities from liquid streams and employ a variety of removal techniques. These include precoated wire and cloth-covered flat and tubular pressure filter leaves and elements, sand, anthracite, and multi-media type media filters.

Whittier Filtration's systems are widely used by industries including chemical, mining, steel, power generation, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and food and beverage, as well as municipalities. Whittier Filtration also provides strong acid and weak acid cation softeners for special applications such as softening produced water and concentrated brine.

The company maintains a comprehensive program for maintenance and repair of systems and equipment. Company and manufacturers' representatives assist customers with repairs and ordering of critical replacement parts, as well as refurbishment and upgrading of existing units.